Watching a PBS special on the Broadway play about Alexander Hamilton.  I started reading the book, but it’s a hard read – dry history book.  The play attempts to bring the book to life.   And it may do it, but I can’t get past the fact that a bunch of New Yorkers “rapping” the songs.  Big turn off.

And then there is the women they interviewed about Hamilton’s early life in the Caribbean.  Others talked about how terrible the conditions on the islands was – sugar cane and cotton trade was brutal.  But this women has to state that history forgets that more slave went to the Caribbean than anywhere else.  Really?  Did we forget about the 1000’s of years of slave trade from Africa to the muslim kingdoms in the East?  OR staying American-centric; what about the overwhelming number of Irish slaves (indentured servants) brought to the Colonies?

The other two things that would keep me from this play are the music style and the cast.  I don’t consider rap to be music.  The vast majority of the songs are rapped and sung very fast.  Then you look at the cast and they are almost all minorities.  Either there are no more white folk in NYC or this is a rewrite of history.

The more important aspect of me never going to see this “play” is that I have zero plans to ever go to NYC – the city is too dirty and way too full of it’s self.  I’d much rather be in Philadelphia.


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