Back at It – Sorta

So I had my plans all set for making my fantasy football life so much easier.  dropped the unwanted players, picked up the most productive Raiders I could find on waivers and loaded up my starting line-up for this week.  Nobody really noticed or cared, except the other owner who has a three week loosing streak going, dragging him down to my level of mediocrity.  He and I talked about trading players, but he didn’t have any I wanted or the deals were so outrageous that everyone would scream.

Then I got stupid.  I picked up a back-up kicker and QB and started them.  The plan was that this line-up would guarantee low scores and a zero on week ten, the Raider’s bye week.  I didn’t want to give anyone a chance of losing against me that way I would have no affect on the final standings, other than finishing last and capturing a couple of trophies along the way, but not the good ones!

Well this got the attention of the commissioner, and he came to see me Thursday, and wanted to know what I was doing, and to tell me that he could reset my team back to yesterday’s roaster, but after the game started tonight he was unable to go back.  I told him I was all set.  He left.  I’m not sure how long it was after he left, but it felt like two minutes and one of the other players is in my office.  We go round-and-round on this issue of fantasy football.  I’m so tired of talking about it that I pull up his email and tell him to go and reset the team.

Now I have to research players and fix the injuries and bye weeks holes in my line-up, of course there aren’t any players worth picking up – one of the major reasons I was done with this format after week 3 – but I manage to put together a full starting line-up.  If the predictive gods at ESPN are right (and they rarely have been with my team) I should still loose.

For me, I’m going back to how I watch football since the late 90’s, after we disbanded our FFL in Maine, I’ll watch the Raiders play, follow the scores of their western AFC rivals and of course, if I can without missing my team play, watch the NE Cheaters play (rooting for whomever is playing that week!).  I am still done with FFL.  I will make the moves that need to be made for bye weeks and obvious no starts, but once where through the bye weeks, that’s my line-up.


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