Fantasy Football Update

Well Week 7 has come and gone.  My fantasy team is upside-down as compared to my favorite real Football team.  The Raiders are 5-2 and my FF team is 2-5.  I wasn’t real high on playing this online version of Fantasy Football, and now I know why.

Back in the day, we kept it simple.  Just add up the yardage for each category, everyone gets credit for a tackle (offensive or defensive player), thrown TD’s are split between the QB and receiver (same with 2pt conversions).  There was no bonus for various field goal distances nor negative points for misses.  And our benches were only three players deep.

The best part of the old FFL – it cost you a buy in, $20.  Every transaction was $2 and if you could find where a player on a roster had a fine or some legal action, you could have the owner pay a fine.  All of the monies where pooled and divided up amongst 1st-3rd place (yes we had a three week playoff and Super Bowl), as well as the winner of each category.  It was really fun.  Everyone trash-talked each and every week.

This league is boring.  I’ve tried to trash talk, the only person who would participate was the other 2-5 player.  I was ready to just throw in the towel after Week 4.  I won Week 1, but just.  Week 1, like the real league, is a rollercoaster – anything can and often does.  But weeks 2-4, my scores were near the top, but I happen to play the team that won the week that week.  Other weeks, they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.  I was talked out of burning the team.

Now that I have played everyone in the league once and we are heading into round two, I’m ready to burn the team.  I will be dropping players to make room for Oakland Raider players.  I want to load my starters with all Raiders.  And since I have two of their top 5 Fantasy players, most that I pick-up will be very low scoring players.  And the best part is that Week 10 brings every player on a bye week, except for the 2nd QB, so I’ll either sit a second QB or pick-up a back up who isn’t going to play that week.

This will allow me to pick-up the lowest weekly total trophy (which I already possess) and the biggest weekly loss (which I have for now); with this plan I’m guaranteed to keep those trophies, and there will be a good chance I can pick-up the lowest overall point total and worst record too!  If there was a trophy for most trophies I would have that one too!

So at this point I’m done with Fantasy Football – I can focus back on watching just my Raiders on Sunday or Thursday or Monday – and get on with my weekends!


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