Southern Drivers

Yeah I drive fast and aggressive, but then I learned to drive in the Northeast – if your a slacker, you’re a speed bump!  Now I’ve been living down here in the South and these drivers are most of my pet peeves all rolled up into one.

My biggest peeve is excessive stopping time at stop signs.  I will be the first to admit I treat stop signs like I’m riding my bicycle (that is Stop sign like yield sign and red lights like Stop signs), so a simple 1-second stop is more than enough, but oh man a full 3-second stop – that’s excessive.  Example.  This morning I come to a 4-way stop, left hand turn signal one for a good 200-yards ahead of the Stop sign.  The road to my right is from a very small development and the left hand road is a connector.  There is another car coming straight from the other side, and it’s oblivious that he will get to the 4-way stop long before me.  He has no turn signal indicator on, so I engage the clutch and down shift to 2nd (yes I drive much more aggressively in the Miata).

Now this moron gets to the stop sign and sits!  He is at the sign until I reach my stop line, and shows no sign of moving forward.  If I wasn’t turning left, I would have just rolled through the sign!.  As it was I kept rolling, very slowly and when he finally moved, I cut behind him and punched up the engine, thankfully still in 2nd gear!

Earlier in my morning commute, I hit my second pet peeve – pulling out and cutting everyone off, when there is no one behind traffic coming either direction!  I hate it when I’m forced to slow down because someone wants to pull out and not at least accelerate to the speed of the car(s) they just cut off!  So I rode his bumper until I could pass and leave them in the dust!


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