Fantasy Football

So after nearly 20 years of not playing fantasy football, I’m back in a league at work.  Last time I played I was the commissioner and we used USA Today for stats.  We used the single PC in the technical office and an Excel spreadsheet to collect all the stats.  We played for money, with draft buy-in and fines adding to the total pot.  We had lots of fun for the three years the league was run.

Now with a new company, no one wants to put money on the table.  There is little to no trash talk.  And the whole thing is set-up on web page.  The scoring is fairly complicated and the computer takes care of it all – using ESPN’s stats.  It’s year one, so everyone pretty much drafted from the same lists and we really had to reached to fill all the positions.

Anyway, Week 1 is underway and I hope I can enjoy the season.  My favorite team, the Oakland Raiders, are finally poised to do good things this year.  Fantasy Football can take attention away from that, as you start to focus on many different players all at once.

Well, I hope the Raiders do well tomorrow, as well as my team – I got a side $20 bet on the game.  And I play this guy two more time this season, so if he wins week 1, you know he’ll be back for more in the later weeks!

Also, Week 3 we will be hosting a Football Party.  I can’t wait, should be great fun!


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football

    1. Been a Raiders fan since I was 5, never lived on the Left coast, but they had the coolest helmets and that’s what caused me to start following them. Now I love whole team mantra and history. I followed them to LA and back to Oakland. I’ll be sad when they move to Vegas, by they will still be my Oakland Raiders!

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