Bike Light

Still trying to get 3-4 rides in a week, but now the sun is rising so late in the morning that I have a hard time riding and getting to work on time.  While I was able to get several long rides and rides later in the morning (as mom and pop were visiting and I took some vacation days), I still went out and purchased a bike light this weekend.

I had looked online.  The options were bewildering.  So I decided I would support my local bike shop.  There were basically two choices, a 100 and a 200 lumen LED light kit.  Each kit would give a single light and two flashing patterns.  I don’t really care for the flashing lights, I need to see the side of the road!

So I opted for the lower lumen kit.  I used it for the first time this morning, worked pretty good.  It will take some getting used to, as I can clearly see the edge of the road and obstacles in my path, but my eyes and brain need to stop making up things I can’t clearly see – those things just outside the cast of the light kit.



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