A Milestone for this Old Bull

I say old bull, because I am closer to retirement than starting my career these days, and my astrological sign is Taurus.  I am your prototypical Taurus: very loyal, stubborn, hard, yet extremely emotional.  We just tend to keep that emotional stuff all bottled up, until it explodes!

I’ve had a couple of those explosions lately.  One with my wife, where it did evolve into harsh words spoken, but once we finished with that, we were able to clear the air and see eye-to-eye.  Another, was with a co-worker, with whom I have enjoyed our daily banter.  The problem was that we are both very stubborn.  We both perceived a slight from the other and went to our corners to protect ourselves.

It did take the other guy to move first.  I’m glad they did.  We had a great talk and laughed about how stupidly we behaved.

What was nice was that it took talking and really communicating to prove the actions in each case.  The old saying “actions are louder than words” still holds true, but if you aren’t even in the same room, communicating, then you can act all you want and it will be for not!

So the milestone is that this old bull let his guard down several times over the course of the last three months and found that in the end, it was much, much better for everyone.  The release of pent-up emotions was a bit over whelming at times, but so much was released that I have even reached out to my estranged older son.  We have made baby steps to repair our relationship, but it’s a start.


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