How did I Forget to Blog About This?!

Oh my goodness.  I completely forgot about the long 4th of July issue.  Our neighbor had asked one of the other neighbors to watch their dogs, but then lost her to an impromptu family wedding (don’t ask me, it’s western Tennessee, where less than a week wedding pop up all the time!), so I volunteered.

They have two little terrier dogs.  One is a sweetheart.  The other is trouble, she has nipped at me almost every time I have been to their house.  I was comfortable with feeding them for two days, as I could keep her interested in eating … or so I thought.

When I got there late morning to just let them out, the nice one met me at the door, and I forgot to look for the other one.  As I reached down to pet the nice doggie, “junkyard” came out of nowhere, without any warning and that quick I was bit!  The bite was on both sides of my middle finger of my left hand.  The bottom puncture, not so bad, but the top-side wound went right into the knuckle.  They used the incidence to cancel a trip that was quickly going south.  I nursed a swelling hand.  That was Saturday.

On Sunday, the swelling hadn’t gone down and joint was painful.  Off to the Urgent Care unit.  An antibiotic shot in the ass.  A prescription for some heavy duty drugs.  And a follow-up with a hand surgeon.

By Monday, the swelling was visibly better, but the movement was still limited by pain.  By the end of the week I was able to move it to within 80% of the other fingers on that hand, without pain.  So I started cycling again.  That helped.  The hand surgeon, added another week to the antibiotic regimen, and gave me the choice of therapy or self therapy.  I choose the self paced work with a squash ball.  I’ve already spent close to $100 on doctors and meds, I’m not making anymore doctors rich.

As my mother is famous for saying: “No good deed goes unpunished”.


2 thoughts on “How did I Forget to Blog About This?!

  1. I’m glad it is coming along. I hope that continues!
    Remember, good deeds are not always dealt with immediately. You wife often talks to me about the jewels in my crown, Your good deeds pay of later. ( I have trouble with “no good deed goes unpunished” because our expectations are often met. I don’t want to be punished…..I know it does happen sometimes but I choose not to expect it.


  2. ericritter, you left a comment on my post about “The Vessel” in NYC. I got your comment in my email but it has not shown up as a comment at the post. By “they” do you mean the architect Heatherwick and his people (on their blog)?
    David Brussat


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