A Weekend Well Played

Another weekend alone in a big house with just me and the dog.

I managed two bike rides, both afternoon rides, so I kept them short.  I’ve got to start moving the distance out, especially on the weekends.  My body weight is coming down and I’m liking the changes I’m seeing in my body – I need to add strength training to the cardio and eating!

I also got a ton of cleaning completed.  Not only inside, but with the help of my neighbor, I moved or through out half of the garage!  Time to make more space.  It would be nice to get two cars into the space or a work bench.

Lastly, I’ve had time to  contemplate losses in my life.  I have a wonderful wife, and we disagree from time to time, but in the end we do love each other.  I have had other relationships that did not end well, and that has always bothered me.  I have often wondered what I did wrong.  I have thought that it was my kindness, my open heart.

Many do not get to see this side of me.  I can be quick to anger and hold grudges.  Those come from my kindness.  There is an old saying: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.  I’m nice to everyone, but if you keep knocking on the devil’s door he’s bound to answer someday

This quote sums up how I feel.  I will be kind to you, loyal to a fault.  IF you abuse that kindness or see it as a weakness; I will quickly move to a place where I just don’t care, and once you cross that threshold, there may not be anything you can do to earn that loyalty back.

I’m sorry to end on a sour note.  I’m just done with the folks around here still asking me about the fence.  Our neighbor broke that kindness barrier, and I just don’t see me giving it back to him.



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