28 Days

Over the last month or so, I have being living the life of a bachelor, as my wife is away training, and teaching remotely (with a new job).  Partly it has been fun.  To go to bed and wake up when I’m ready – especially helpful when I’ve been doing a month long, self paced bicycle charity ride for the month of June.

The other part of the time, I have found myself mopey on the weekends – having run myself out of taped TV shows I prefer in the first ten days!  So now I have to find new shows to watch in the evening.

When I couldn’t find any good TV, and it wasn’t raining, I would take the Miata out for an evening spin.  I have found a road in Three Way that is the perfect road; it has twists and dips and is narrow.  I need to drive it a couple more times, so that I can anticipate her curves!

So 28 days later, I’m done with the cycling challenge, and getting back to some normalcy around the house.  I still plan to get 2-3 morning rides in until the weather stops allowing me to ride safely.  I’m hopeful this will help reduce my weight and keep the BP under control.


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