Physicist or Religious Zealot?

So this morning, the wife was asleep on the sofa when I woke up and came out to the living room (no I didn’t sleep in hours and hours – just an extra 30 minutes) and she has the TV on to some show about the mysteries of the Universe.  This is the show that has Mike Rowe narrate and a much of physicist talk about all the wacky theories they come up with to describe God’s grand glory that is the Universe.

What struck me this morning was all the talking point fell back onto one common theme – faith.  Much of their “theories” fell apart when you tried to apply them to what they where observing in the real world.  The scientists then had to invent new things, like “dark matter” and measurements of time so small they can’t measure them!  What you do hear is things like dark matter, can’t be seen, can’t be touched and can’t be measured, but it has to be there – believe us, it has to be there.  Sound a lot like, have faith in God, he can’t be seen, nor touched, nor measured, but if you trust in him, he will make all thing right.

I like the second part better.  I am a scientist, but I have faith is God.  The universe and life, just make so much more sense if you have faith in the second conclusion than the first.


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