Happenings and Thoughts

Yeah so I’m still not writing on a regular bases.  The blame is multi-fold; work, other hobbies, politics and better weather.  I’m doing more political reading this year, what with “the Orange One” looking to come to the GOP Convention with enough delegates to be the Republican nominee for President.

I can’t believe this is happening to a party that I have been part of for the better part of 33 years.  I have happily voted Republican and held my nose a few times too, in order to put the better candidate into whatever office they where running to occupy.  I’ve often said I have two litmus tests for voting for a candidate: abortion and 2nd Amendment.  In that order.  With this test I have been unable to vote for any Democrat; and in what is the most probably match up this November, I will have the choice between two Democrats!

I have joined the #nevertrump crowd very early on, but I was never trump long before he even announced in 2015.  This man is evil incarnate.  He uses the same tactics as Hitler.  And I can’t believe why so many are backing him, unconditionally.  Some friends, some of whom that are college educated, are acting like the unwashed crowds.  Hanging on hyperbole and sound bites and are rooting for the school-yard bully.  The only “good” thing that could come from a trump Presidency would be the comics and humorist sound bites.  The problem will be how badly our country will suffer.

Okay, off the political soapbox.  Last night I was able to go shoot Trap for the first time in nearly two years.  It was very invigorating.  I quickly remembered why I like shooting trap, the people!  Everyone is quick to talk and help.  Then there is the whole breaking a moving target and watching it break into dust!  The range is all wireless voice release, which was new to me.  I’m still not sure how I wasn’t throwing clays when off the line chatting, but it worked flawlessly.  I also got pulled over by Jackson’s finest.  I was able to talk my way out of a +19 mph speeding ticket.  I really think, when he clocked me it would have been questionable whether I was in the 60 or 45 mph zone.  Either way, I will now know where to slow down from Thursday night Trap.

As for other hobbies.  We got the garden in and lot’s of flower planted in the beds, but the beds and veggies need more care.  I’ve gone shooting with Kyle and we have both applied for and taken our classwork for a concealed carry permit (Mine has been issued a week ago!).  Cheese making has taken a back seat for the spring.  Hopefully, can get some goat milk soon and start back up, but it may become a fall winter hobby.  The Mandolin has taken a real hit, I don’t remember even picking it up for the past two weeks.  Cycling and other workouts need to be factored in – I may have to rethink the number of hobbies I have ongoing!



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