Hammered! Finally!

I wasn’t going to watch the Republican debates last night.  But I figured I could turn it off if the moderators didn’t reel in the man-child and let the other candidates to have some time to speak and rebut.  It didn’t take long to realize the moderators had lost control and the gloves were off.  Shortly after the opening remarks Rubio and Cruz dismantled trump (no more capitalization for the man-child), hitting him from both side, literally and figuratively.

The “main stream media” is proclaiming Rubio the winner, but then they are sacred of Cruz.  I agree that Rubio finally dropped the “liar, lair” debate strategy, but I think he is playing to keep trump from having enough delegates to win the Convention outright.  He will then pander to whomever needs his delegates to win for a VP spot.  My hope is that is will be a Cruz/Rubio ticket.

I put Julius Caser’s bust up as the post image because he was a leader who was thrown under the bus by his party, much like Ted Cruz.  I can only hope that this coming Super Tuesday we get to see major victories for Cruz, so that we can shut down trump.

One of the best parts of the debates last night was the lack of Carson and Kasich.  Kasich would chime in from time to time, he was like a pop-up ad, just an annoyance.  It was painfully oblivious to me, that they both need to drop out – Now!  It was also oblivious to me that there are only two real candidates left in the race – Cruz and Rubio.  But I also know that the trump supporters are goose-stepping to there man, no matter how evil he is, they are ignoring history.  I present that history below:




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