Two Weeks!

{started writing this post 9 days ago, just now realized I hadn’t posted it – but I have been flat out busy at work, having just got back from another drive over and back to our Eastern TN plant!}


Oh my but have the last two weeks been busy and lazy all at the same time.  Since my last post, I have driven from one end of Tennessee to the other and back again, then halfway and back, flown to western New York and made it out before the really cold and snowy weather go there!  Then on the intervening weekends, I have just crashed.  And I don’t just mean travel tired, it has reminded me of the semester at college I had mono – just flat out tired!

Needless to say my musical endeavors, photography and cheese-making have all taken a backseat to just living.  I really need to get my self back into shape, I am far too heavy for my liking and suspect that that has as much to do with this lethargy as the new medicines the doctor’s have me on.  One more week, then I have a follow-up with the doc and I have a list of thins to talk to him about.

New goals.  Eat more Paleo.  Move everyday. Practice/learn music everyday.  Do a photo shoot each weekend or once a week.  Evaluate the cheese already made and focus on one or two styles.  That sounds like a ton of stuff, and it still doesn’t include writing or professional development.


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