A New World Order

Welcome to America’s repeat of Germany’s 1930s.

Yesterday was the Republican Nevada caucus, and they once again proved they just don’t want to hear the truth.  They shout down anyone who wants to have a civil discussion; They won’t listen to facts; they are fanatical and borderline violent.  There is still a long way to in this primary, but with only four states voting, the media has crowned Trump the victor.

As Ted Cruz has stated, the first four states are designed to weed down the field for Super Tuesday.  I have already voted, and have voted for Mr. Cruz – the only Constitutionalist in the race.  I have always longed for a smaller Federal government and more power back to the States.

I can’t bring myself to vote for a Progressive, and I truly believe a cat can’t change its stripes; which brings me back around to Trump.  I remember him from the 80’s & 90’s – a New York City liberal democrat.  The kind of man who screwed many out of fair pay via bankruptcies.  The kind of man who used emanate domain to screw people out of their houses to build parking lots for his fail casinos.  The kind of man who has fail so badly as a businessman, that he would have been better investing his daddy’s money in the S&P 500!

Should Trump become the Republican nominee, I will truly be able to state the party of my youth has moved too far to the left to represent me anymore.  Also, I will not be voting for him.  I will look to the Constitutional Party.  Should they just run the Republican nominee (as they have done in local races), I may just just major parties – knowing exactly where Hillary or Bernie stand on issues would be preferable to an unknown, narcissist, who very well might be the incarnation of Adolph.



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