Apple and the FBI

So the FBI has legally obtained a search warrant for the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino terrorists, but Apple isn’t obliging (

From a technical aspect I completely understand Apple’s position.  They have purposely built the iPhone such that you can’t, heck, Apple can’t, brute force the encryption codes.  This makes the smartphone practically unhackable.  What the FBI is asking is for Apple to give them a method to unlock any iPhone, so they can investigate and prosecute more animals.  If you or I told the FBI, “No”, we would be in jail.

I think Apple needs to comply with the lawful order.  Even if it means breaking into this one phone only.  Some have suggested Apple would need to build an entirely new device to crack this iPhone – I don’t believe it.

If it is true, that the FBI wants unlimited access to all iPhones, then I have a problem. However, I would think that the FBI could take the phone to Apple and Apple could get the data.  Really it’s about how the FBI asks the question.  These type of warrants need to be specific to the phone, not a blanket backdoor data acquisition.


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