So the Iowa caucuses are finished.  I stayed up long enough to see the first in the nation race called for Ted Cruz.  I did wait for the speech, but it was getting too late.  I did see Rubio and Trump make their speeches.

What I found very interesting was the way Cruz’s victory was played out, at least on Fox News.  It was, “too close to call” all night, then suddenly, “Cruz wins! Okay let’s go to Rubio’s concession speech, oh and then Trump”.  A quick coverage of Cruz, but all the talk last night and today is about how well Rubio did and that Trump still has a good lead in New Hampshire.  I understand that Rubio did much better than expected, but Trump was within a few 1000 votes of finishing third!

However, every pundit was saying big turnouts favored Trump and Sanders.  The media couldn’t have been more wrong.  Cruz and Clinton came away with the big wins.  And yes I know Clinton squeaked a victory, but they were are saying she was dead in the water, and she brought it up to basically a coin toss.  See below.  They really had to flip coins to determine delegates in five precincts.



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