As Promised …New “Studio” Still-life

Okay, so yesterday I told ya’ll that in addition to travel photographs, I set-up a little table top studio to shoot some still-life.  I used some black foam board that I had purchased several weeks ago, and a set of lights and umbrellas my lovely wife got me for Christmas.

The foam card was scored from the back to the front so that it formed a hinge that bisects the card length-wise.  That gave me basically a two-foot, by two-foot panels meeting at a seamless intersection.

The still-life was, of course, my chèvre cheese!  The contrast of the white fuzzy bacteria on the black card created a nice negative space.  The original shot was with only daylight from our large front windows.

The lighting was just too harsh.  To the point that the fold line is seen.  I like the look of the bamboo mat (one of two cheese drying mats!).  However, I needed to fill in from the right and soften the light overall.  The extra light would also allow a faster shutter speed, which was good, since I didn’t want to get the tripod out – lazy!!

The new pictures are below.  I liked the way they came out.  even the addition of the red tomatoes.


Lastly, I took the cheese alone and worked a little editing in Apples Photos and yellowed up the cheese just a bit.  I normally don’t like the “photo-shopped” pictures, but this time, reducing the glare from the left and bringing out the true color of the cheese.  I’m very happy with this final form:



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