Losing My Party

The first round of primaries are weeks away, and I have been done “arguing” with friends (in person and on Facebook) and family about Trump and why I should vote for him.  I am and never have been a fan of Trump.  He has been, for all of my life, a NY City Democrat; and supported many Democratic policy.  I know this because I grew-up near Philadelphia until I left for the state of Maine at the age of 26.

I can’t find anything of substance about Mr. Trump.  I was chastised on Facebook for supporting Scott Walker early on.  He was the first candidate to drop out of the race, but I still liked that he was very conservative and did not support the Unions.  The next guy on my list is/was Ted Cruz, followed closely by Dr. Ben Carson.  Carson has fallen by the wayside, with some really strange ideas.  I am now a hard supporter of Cruz.  I would not be upset with Rubio nor Ryan Paul.  Really anyone other than Trump.

It is this phrase that gets me in trouble.  Everyone understands not supporting him during the primaries, after all that’s when you’re supposed to weed out the candidates.  However, when I tell them I would vote for him in the general elections either, the high-pitched screeching of, “so you’re supporting Hillary??!”, start.  I explain, calmly, that I will not be voting for Hillary, nor Sanders, nor Trump, but rather I will find a third party.  I have already started looking at the Constitutional Party here in Tennessee, as I had done in NY.

My point is, if the Republican Party is too stupid to look at Trump’s background and understand that he his just like Obama, that he is saying the same things our current President is saying – all fluff and no substance, then why should I vote for him just because he is running on the Republican ticket?  Isn’t that what we complained about during the last two elections, that Democrats voted for whomever had the “D” next to their name, regardless of their qualifications?

Therefore, much like Ronald Reagan, I feel that my party is leaving me and I will have to seek out a new party.


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