The Mandolin

So self teaching myself the mandolin is getting interesting.  Trying to learn music theory is hard.  I have always loved learning languages, but I have never be able learn the whole thing.  So learning the notes and meaning on the page is really hard, but I will persevere to learn.

What has me excited is that I have also found an online free mandolin lesson (  The videos are great.  Early on we learned how to set-up the Mandolin, right hand and left hand techniques, and then three basic chords.  Previous to this I was using a self teaching book – which I like, and will continue to use to progress through the basics; however, playing some really nice sounding chords has been encouraging.

So for now, I’ll stick with my $60 mandolin, and if I get to the point where I can play songs and read music I will upgrade.  And perhaps, once I learn this language, I’ll add a second instrument.



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