Far Too Long

… away from writing.  I blame the holidays and business travel, not to mention a new hobby.  I need a new hobby like another hole in my head!  The old hobbies would be: cycling, photography, writing, cheesemaking, and shotgunning.  I have added playing music to that list.

The problem is that a friend of mine once said we could’t have more than five hobbies going at once – and we included dating in that list!  Since that time, I have giving up dating (got married, so I don;t consider dating a hobby, it’s what we do everyday), fencing (no where to fence in Western TN anyway), Warhammer, CrossFit, and pistol shooting.

I would still like to find a place to shoot Trap, but that, like cycling will have to wait until late spring.  Cheesemaking, I think, will be a winter/fall activity.  CrossFit will have to wait until we can get our budget under control.  That leave photography and writing, both of which I have been sorely lacking this winter.  I need to change that, and plan too.

I got a really cool book on photography that has assignment to work through, so I’m thinking that I can use those assignments to help with this blog.  I want to set aside time each week to do some writing.  I think I will have to back my photography off to once a week to develop a good picture of group of pictures. (with work ramping up it will make doing other wise difficult)

Now on to the new hobby.  For Christmas, my mom gave me $100 cash.  My wife convinced me that I shouldn’t use the money on practical stuff, so I told her I had always thought about playing a musical instrument, and with her father getting a new guitar for his birthday, while they visited over Christmas, I really wanted to try again.  When she asked which instrument, I told her I always that liked the medieval Lute, but I didn’t think there was enough music for that instrument – so I selected the mandolin.

I’m not much of a country nor bluegrass fan, however, folk/fiddle, rock and classical is what I’m thinking is more what I want to play.  My current struggle (now that I have an inexpensive mando) is that no one is doing lessons here in Western TN.  So I’m self teaching myself with a book and online.  Right now I’m focused on learning music theory and picking the mando up every day.


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