The Metric System

Watching the show “Planet Earth” on BBCAmerica this morning, and I am struck at how ingrained the rest of the world is with the silly system of SI.  As well as how the system really doesn’t work in the real world.  Yes, yes I understand science has embraced the system to such an extent that you can’t even perform simple chemistry formula in imperial units anymore.

However I postulate to you, my reader, that when the voiceover guys say that the sea birds, dive to nearly 5 meters below the surface of the ocean, or that the manta ray is over 8 meters in length, you simply have no innate idea of those measurements.  If they had simply used inches or yards, it would have been much easier to know the size of the animal or depth of the dive.

Inches can quickly be estimated via fingers; feet by the length of ones arms and yards ones legs.  Humans have a great huge brain that is the fastest computer n known existence, so why tax it with converting arbitrary units into units we can easily relate to our bodies.  Even if Euros aren’t converting those units to Proper units, they are pulling those SI units back to body estimates.

And yes, your high school teacher told you that the metric system is based off nature.  Things like the meter is 1 ten-millionth the distance between the equator and the pole, now defined as 1/299,792,458 of the distance lighttravels in a vacuum in one second – how is that anymore arbitrary than the yard?  Both units are now just marks on a platinum bar.

When Mankind start to colonize other worlds, they should take the imperial units with them, as the planet(s) we land on, will have different distances from equator to pole, and what happens if the ability to measure light become compromised?  Also, lets thing about why the imperial unit system is based on units of 8’s.  That is because it is far easier to divide in half without measure measurement.  So if you keep halving, you get 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 …  So please get rid of those silly millimeter wrenches!

So in conclusion, I am so proud that my country is only one of three that say “fuck off, metric system!”, however Burma is slipping, and we may soon only be standing with Liberia.  I just will never be thrilled my driving at 100 kph, but love love 60+ MPH.  Go America, the greatest country in the world, stick to your guns, never adopt the silly measurement system!


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