We’re Outta There

In about an hour we will have finally closed on the NY house.  This has been a nightmare of an ordeal.  There are so many rules and regulations in NYS.  We have been jumping through hoops this week to get this deal closed.

The stupidest hoop was this morning during the final walk through.  The buyers guy couldn’t get the second bathroom shower to turn on.  I told our real estate person, to tell them to “PULL” the knob, not turn it to make it come on.  $125 later, the plumber the real estate broker hired, told her, you just have to pull the knob.  Uggh!  I hate New York.

Anyway, the stress will soon be over and we will be $11k lighter in our bank accounts, but hopefully within a year we can start rebuilding our finances.

UPDATE:  The Lawyers screwed the pooch, again.  Closing has been postponed until tomorrow, and we needed to get a new payoff letter to them.  All of this may end up costing us more money, all because of their ineptitude.  Needless to say, having to deal with this while driving across the State of Tennessee did not make me a happy camper and I let the lawyer know it.  She was running scared when I listed off all of the mistakes that her office make and how much it potentially could have and is continuing to cost me and my wife in real dollars.  When she started to squawk back, I shut her down by telling her, when this is all said and done, I will be writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau, she paused, I hung-up!

Less than five minutes later the real estate broker is calling my wife, she told her the lawyer called and said that I had threatened them with the BBB; my wife, calmly, explained all of the mistakes they had made, and how they are jeopardizing the whole sale, finishing with, you better believe my husband, he’s steamed!

Can’t wait until this is over and done with, then I can start my letter writing campaign!


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