“Bulletproof” Coffee

Over the past several days I have run across several posts and blogs touting the mystic powers of “bulletproof” coffee.  For the uninitiated, it’s basically blended hot coffee with butter, thus the header picture.  Now there are many variations on this theme.  Some add a magic power and specially roasted coffee (from the bulletproof coffee company), some add stevia and/or vanilla, cocoa etc.  (by the way, the special bulletproof power has chemicals in it that are listed in California’s Prop 65, otherwise, known cancer causing compounds).

"Bulletproof" coffee??
“Bulletproof” coffee??

The healthy aspect of this drink is that it introduces healthy fats into your diet.  However, I do not find butter to be very healthy, nor great tasting (it reminds me of wax).  If you are a strict Paleo lifestyle guy, then all dairy is out, but modified Paleo eaters, that can tolerate lactose, can add limited amounts of dairy back into their diet.  I like to keep cheese, yogurt and occasionally cream, if I’m indulgencing in a cappuccino, in my diet.  the yogurt has a probiotic effect and cheese is calorie dense enough to fill one up and provide some muscle repair needs.  Milk and butter, not in my diet, the first is full of sugar and he second is not heart healthy.  On the occasion that I need a buttery spread, I use one of the newer margarines.

The caveat they use is to make sure the butter is from grass-fed milk.  But the problem is that butter is full of trans fats, those are the ones that clog your arteries.  Don’t matter how you slice it, the fat in butter isn’t going to get any better.  Meanwhile, over in the margarine isle, spreads are getting much healthier, using oils like flax seed and olive oils.  Now this is not to say that the vast majority of the margarine on the groceries shelves is any better than the butter it’s next to.

I would like to try this bulletproof coffee, but I’m not adding butter, nor healthy margarine to my coffee.  I’m thinking of adding a healthy, robust fat like coconut oil, with some vanilla, and maybe a boost of espresso!


One thought on ““Bulletproof” Coffee

  1. Tried some decafe Donut Shop coffee with the coconut oil and vanilla with some sweetener – it was really good tasting. I would do it again and I think it would be healthier than the “bulletproof” recipes.


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