A Nation of Hate

Another Monday morning, another round of hate from the “tolerant” left.  This poor county clerk in Kentucky, just trying to do her job and what is morally correct, not to mention Constitutionally correct, went back to work this morning after 6 days in jail for not issuing marriage licenses to queers (I’m done perverting the word gay).

When the US Supreme Court decided last month that they would get in the business of writing new laws, Ms. Davis did the right thing, she stood up as a patriot, as our Forefather’s did against tyrants.  What I don’t understand, is if the Federal Government has ruled that a lifestyle is a protected class of citizenship and everyone must obey, even if it goes against their protected Constitutional rights; then why is the Federal Government ignoring it’s own laws on the legality of marijuana or deportation laws on illegal aliens (so-called sanctuary cities)?

Back to the subject at hand.  See the collection of images below.  These are the peace, love and understanding folks on the left, who are cheering and taunting Kim Davis as she does what her moral compass tells her is right and just.  These are the same leftist and/or Democrats that in the late 50’s and early 60’s stood up to Martin Luther King, as he struggle to gin equality for people of color.  I understand and agree with Dr. King, because biologically, you can’t change your race anymore than you can change your gender.  Being queer is choice, it’s a lifestyle.  Nothing more, nothing less.


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