I took this “quiz” ( http://www.isidewith.com/ ), and found out that I agree with my top three choices pretty well:

  1. Cruz, 95%
  2. Walker, 94%
  3. Santorum, 93%
  4. Rubio, 92%

I included Rubio at #4 because I don’t see Santorum as a viable candidate.  He just doesn’t have the political push, the much needed machine behind him to get on the big stage.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Rick, and would have voted for him had I been a resident of PA when he ran for the Senate.  However, Cruz, Walker and Rubio have been my top three choices right from the start.

The big-mouthed blowhard, he is only one percentage point above Graham, firmly anchored in the lower half of the other wanna be Republicans.  I think if more of my friends who support Donald Chump took this quiz, they would see that they don’t really align with his values.

Not surprisingly, Bernie is dead last at 2%, with O’Malley at 7%, Hillary at 10% and good old Joe at 30%.


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