If Only More Citizens acted Like Citizens!

Here we are some 6 weeks after the US Supreme Court made up some new Federal law to take powers granted to the State back under the Federal Government umbrella.  Yes I’m talking about gay marriage.  Now we have one brave county clerk in Kentucky that is doing the right thing.  She is objecting to issuing Marriage licenses based on her First Amendment rights, and I believe she is correct.


There are two reasons I know she is doing the correct thing.  Frist, it’s in the constitution that the Federal Government cannot make a citizen do a physical action against their religious beliefs.  Look at the rulings of conscientious objectors.  If you have a strong religious belief that all life is a work of God and will not kill, even as self-defense, then the government can not draft you into soldiery.  Second, the gay lifestyle folks at the clerks office are calling her a bigot.  This is a huge sign she is doing the right thing.  Once the Leftist start name calling, you know you are doing what is correct.  They can’t stand it when their ideas loose, and so they start misapplying charged words and rhetoric.  Here is a great example:

The really sad part of using the term bigot, is that if you look at it’s etymology, it is a German word, adopted my the middle French as an insult against the English Normans.  The word literally means “by God“.  Even so, around the turn of the 20th century (1900), the meaning in French came to mean an excessively narrow religious devotion.  So if someone calls me a “bigot”, I’ll take that as a win.  It means that, while they wan to interpret the bible or God’s words to whatever the situation works best for them, I’m am steadfastly going to live by the original intent.  So when you hurl “insults”, you lose the agreement, which is pretty darn easy with Liberals, they take offense so easily these days.

This country was founded on guide principals and rebellion against a strong centralized government.  It’s starting to feel like those times again.  The central government is grabbing more and more power away from the state and local governments.  This is certainly not what this country was founded on.

It’s a real sad commentary on today’s youth and how the establishment leftist have re-educated the children by taking over our educational systems and values.  Hopefully more ordinary citizen will stand-up and be Patriots, like Ms. Davis.  We need more good, honesty folks to challenge the courts, to make them accountable for their actions and to flood the system with objection after objection when they stray away from what is American


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