The Continious Joys of Living in NY

How many ways can New York screw me?

When I decided to take a new job in New York State, many of my Fish & Game friends in Maine, told me I would not enjoy myself in NYS as much as I had in Maine.  I explained it away as it was a great career opportunity, back to modern suburbia, much like I grew-up in, some 25 years ago.  Yes the State was far more regressive on firearm ownership and taxes, but there where upsides to the equation too.  I was now being paid a wage commiserate with my work experience; I was closer to family, food and gas prices were generally lower and I didn’t have to take my trash to a transfer station – someone came right to my house and took it away!

However, it all crashed around me, when my boss decided the last man in would be the first man out when her leadership garnered no new growth.  The problem was/is that I had purchased a house in October of last year, and at the beginning of December she put me on a “performance review”.  This basically gave me three months to “improve” or be fired.  The five categories she wanted to see improvement where very difficult goals to achieve.  But I set myself goals and when about to achieve the performance she wanted to see.  I met every goal or was on track to be ahead of targeted dates; and each time she changed the goal.

By the end of the second month I could read the hand-writing on the wall – she was determined to fire me.  I braced, I started to save all the extra money I could, I cut back on spending and added that to savings too.  Then my deadline passed – nothing happened.  I still felt like the sword of Damocles was hanging over my head, as everyone, except my boss was pleasant to me, she, was aloof.

Two weeks after the deadline, I was given my bonus check.  IT was a hardy sum, but only because the bank allowed them to given us the maximum company performance contribution, she, the boss-lady, and given me zero percent on personal performance.  A week later, I was “let go”.  I was asked if I had anything to say to Vanessa.  I looked directly at her and said,”Nope”.  She was told to leave the room and it was just me, the HR guy and ADP on the speaker phone.  We reviewed all the paperwork and I was allowed to leave and come back afterhours to collect my things.  I was given two months severance, along with the bonus, gave me just about three months of standard living money, which I knew I could stretch to four months if we continued on our current austerity budget.

The worst part of all of this is that she could have put me on a less permanent performance track that summer and I would not have purchased a house until I cleared that hurtle, but no, she let everything side until her performance was called into question, then passed the buck.

So this all brings us around to yesterday.  I have since found new work, many miles south of New York (thank God for being out of that state!), and the house was on the market for 8 weeks, with 25 showing and one okay cash offering – we were under contact.  Movers hired, plane tickets purchased, rental cars secured, final preparations for when the wife would tell her work she was done were in motion.  Then the buyer tells us they want to stop the sale.  So weird thing about Certificates of Occupancy not being issued for a 25+ year addition that was put on the house two owners ago!  I have never heard of these Certificates before, and apparently the town of Clifton Park does not require them.  So I told my broker I want the deal, but if it falls through I want all of the earnest money, $2500.  I am told that in NYS, that may not be the case, that buyers can get there money back if they break the contract.  I would agree if there was something structural defective about the house, but there isn’t and we have not been given a good reason for the deal being broken.

So here I wait, today, to see how much more the state of New York can screw me over.  My old Chums in Maine where correct, I was not going to enjoy living in NY.



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