The Power of Apple

Why is the business world so enamored with windows operating systems?  At this moment I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport with a flight delay, so I thought I’d open the work laptop and check on emails.  Trying to connect to the free airport wireless is like breeding elephants on this “powerful” HP EliteBook.  I’ll get to how bad the hardware of this great laptop is in a moment, let’s stick the OS for now.

So, as any savvy business traveler knows, in order to connect to free WiFi, you usually have an agreement page to sign into before you can access the server.  So when I open my iPhone, or iPad or MacBook, and check for connections in my settings, the OS is smart enough to automatically kick me over to Safari and the requisite webpage, tap accept and we are surfing!  Not so fast with a windows machine.  first it takes forever to find WiFi, and then you have to manually select the free stuff.  The blue circle of time wastage circles and circles and them a window pops up that you may have to provide additional information to connect, and if your not quick enough, the box goes away.  This is quickly followed by a series of warning windows that you are not connected to the internet, do you want to run diagnosis.  What a shit system.  I usually end up restarting the whole machine and time the pop-up box on the second attempt.

Now how about this hardware.  This computer is brand new, state of the industry art.  And it’s no different than the ages old windows machines I used decades ago.  The key on the board are not crisp, leading to many mistyped words due the keys not picking up my typing speed, which is mot fast, as I use a self modified home key system, utilizing 4 out of 8 fingers!  The screen, uugh.  It is not clear at all.  It is prone to light haze and nothing is razor sharp about it.  Maybe I’m just soiled by the great screen resolutions and screen glass technologies from Apple, but this screen is useful for about an hours reading, then eye fatigue sets in.

Okay, lets move to the track pad.  You know it’s shot when they still have to provide a left and right click mouse buttons!  You can only scroll, no double or triple finger control and the tap function is so unpredictable that I don’t even use it anymore.

I was really hoping with a new start at a new company we might more into the 21st century and use Apple machines.  Luckily, they did not provide me with a company phone, so I can continue to use my own iPhone, which has the best hardware and OS out there for smartphone!

Well hopefully I will be able to post this when I get home, as I’m writing it on this HP machine, and moved from an eatery to my gate, and the machine lost the WiFi connection when I hibernated, and now says it’s connected (I had to go manually to reconnect), but it won’t let me get to the internet to save this note nor pick-up my email.


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