Blue Moon Cycling & Being Tired

Well one bonus to waking up on Eastern time, when you live in Central time, is being able to get out before the really hot weather arrives.  My biggest problem is that I’m also going to bed on Central time, so I’m not getting my 7+ hours of sleep that I need.  It’s starting to show at work, I’m just yawning and tired in the late afternoon.  It doesn’t help that the great new office they built for me has no windows to the outside.  I get zero daylight, unless I step out of the building.  I try to do that for 10-15 minute each day after lunch, to break up the afternoon and to generate some energy.

So this morning I popped awake at 3:30am!  I hit the bathroom, and then laid in bed, trying to go back to sleep until the 5:30 alarm played.  instead I got dresses and jumped on the bicycle.  The picture above, and repeated below, is the Blue Moon from last night, still hanging around this morning.  I decided to stop and take a quick snap.

Blue Moon July 2105
Blue Moon July 2105

For this morning’s ride I decided to take a left on Windy City road and see what parts of Jackson it lead to, I know taking the right hand goes to Humboldt, having ridden there and back the last two weekends.  I got out into more farm land and really nice housing developments; and surprisingly, shady roads!  I passed a group of cyclist gathering at a high school about a mile and a half from what would be my turn-around point.  From that school to the big intersection of three roads, it was mostly down hill, nice steep and twisty, tree lined roads.  My legs were happy to spin, my brain was happy to be off the false-flat stuff, and my body knew there would be climbing when I cycled back!

As I said I finally turned around when three roads met at a series of yield and stop signs, it reminded me of a railroad wye.  Even though it was a little shorter on distance than I had hoped for, I was ready for some hill climbing.  It was great, albeit too short and not really the grinders I was used to in Maine, but it allowed me to climb and keep my average speed!  Finished with a quick run down Highland, which added a mile or two to kick the morning ride to 23+ miles.

After a nice epsom salt soak and shower, I need to get the bike over to the shop so they can tune it up while I’m away in Vegas most of next week.  I need to take a nap too, I am so tired.  I have grand plans to catch up on sleep, yard work and organize/clean the house.  None of this can really be taken off the table – it all needs to be completed – along with packing for my business trip.

I wish weekends where three day affairs.


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