The One PBS Show I Love!

I’m not normally a fan of the shows on PBS, but even growing up I loved “The Woodwright’s Shop”.  I will never be able to have the skills he has, nor the tools; not to mention my very bad habit of not really be a good steward with my tools.  Aside from the really cool tools and techniques he uses is the fact that I remember seeing most of the tools in my Grandfathers tool box!

Today he was cutting hollow dovetails.  The short 1/2 hour program (really only 20 minutes) isn’t enough time for super detail.  Which is a shame.  If they could double the time and let old Roy explain the concept and how to set the various tools.  The tools he used were a really cool miter box (Pop, as we called my father’s father) has a smaller version, a very small mitre saw (never saw one so small before), a couple of chisels (there isn’t a show that he doesn’t use at least one chisel) and a long set bevel.  It looked very much like the one I played with as a boy.


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