Back to Paleo

This week I have worked hard to get back to Paleo.  This lifestyle has worked for me in the past and I need to get my waistline back to 34-inches!

I have returned to making large paleo dinners, so I can have the leftovers for lunch, instead to going to the fast food places! (although I have hit Subway twice this week – both times the chopped salad was the option!)  I have gotten out on the bike three times, with one 90-minute ride last weekend.  And twice I’ve done yard work after work.  I know I was sweating from the summer heat, not exertion, but if you apply Paleo principles to this work, any functional movement is good.  The hour or so I spent outside, pushing a lawn mower, twice this week, as two less hours of couch-potatoe time!

All of this did catch up with me Friday, yesterday, I woke up early, and got a longish bike ride in, as I wasn’t going into the office.  So I was able to afford the later leave time from the house.  On the drive to Memphis for my afternoon meeting, I was very tired.  Thankfully the meeting did’t go into the late evening and I was able to get home before 5:30!  After a hearty Paleo meal, I was ready for some veg time.  By 7, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I went to bed.  Seven hours later, I’m awake, with a headache and still feeling tired.  So I figure the bike ride will get pushed off until tomorrow, and today will be dedicated to mundane tasks, such as finishing the yard work, fixing the flower beds, setting up the beds out back, food shopping (gathering!), and writing!

So why did I tag this post with Cancer?  Because earlier in this week, i found out one of my dear friends, his cancer is back and they are setting him up for some serious chemo, starting this coming Monday.  It really made me think about my own cancer, and that this lifestyle has to help.  Right now, all I can do it eat better, and move more.  Later, after life settles, things like selling that damn house in NY, getting the wife back here and having an extra income, getting my Maine renters to pay in a more timely fashion, then we (wife and I) can look to find a CrossFit Box, and then the pounds will truly shed off!

Oh well, that’s it for now, two and a half hours into the new day, an hour and a half before dawn, and my mind is fogged.


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