Anybody Surprised? Anyone?

So here we less than two months after the “great” Donald Trump announced, with foot firmly planted in his mouth, that he was running for President on the Republican ticket, and he is threatening to run as a third-party.  And here is a link to the possibility, with “The Donald” babe-like crying, if I don’t get anointed by the RNC, then I’m taking all my toys with me and going some where else.

This reminds me of the 1992 election cycle – the last time we had a viable third-party candidate, Ross Perot.  The stage was much further along than it is now.  The Republicans had their man, George Bush was running for his second term, as sitting President; the Democrats has just nominated Bill Clinton, an unaccomplished Arkansas Governor; and then there was a pissed-off Texas Billionaire, named Ross Perot.  I remember this election well, it was the third time in my life I was eligible to vote for a President, and my guys had both won before and had turned this country around from the mire and malaise of the Jimmy Carter days.

Ross Perot played on the fears of American’s, the loss of jobs to NAFTA, the “One-World Order” in the aftermath of the first Desert Storm War, and the fear of raising taxes again, left both Bush and Clinton behind Perot in the polls with less than 6-month to go in the campaign. There was real fear that this crazy man was going to be our President for the next four years, at least in the party of level-headed Conservatives.  Then strangely, he dropped from the race.  Conspiracy theorists still question why today.  I don’t care, other than he had damaged President Bush so much, never worrying about Clinton, that his supporters jumped ship and voted for Clinton!  Yes, Ross Perot gave us four years of Clinton, thankfully, we also got two years of Newt (who ultimately paid the price for making Clinton buckle down and do what was right for the country)!

Now back to today.  Notice, both Trump and Perot are filthy rich, so much so that they both can afford to finance their own campaigns; They both are running modified Republican platforms, but neither are conservatives; both are cartoonish in appearance and speech; both will help a Clinton get elected to the highest office in the land.  Why is Donald Trump doing this?

My simple guess, he doesn’t care about the common man, he only cares about himself.  If he can spend the next 4-8 years railing on about Hillary in the White House, playing the “I told you so” card, then he can further his own brand image.  Indeed, this whole thing Trump is doing is nothing more than a method to further his brand.

God help this Republic, I don’t think is can survive more solicits in the White House and control of Congress, nor a Left-leaning libertarian in White House.


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