The Blowhard and the War Hero

Over the weekend, the blowhard besmirched John McCain, calling him not a war hear, because he spent the better part of the Vietnam war as a POW, tortured almost every day.  And how did the great “Donald” spend the war?  Hiding behind a medical exemption of a little bone spur – boo hoo!  He is a black mark on the Republican party and an embarrassment on a national level.

The Trump supporters are up in arms and defending their man with lame excuses about him not meaning that McCain wasn’t a war hero.  I think Greg Gutfeld summed up this defense of Trump in this tweet:

“For those of you who defend Trump, ask yourself how you’d respond if HIllary said it instead.”

This sums up how I feel about Trump supporters.  Trump is a democrat in Republican clothing.  If elected, he will be another Obama.  He will not go around apologizing for America being the greatest country on earth, no, he will just go around threatening everyone unapologetically.

My biggest fear is if this goofball becomes the Republican nominee, I will have to vote for a third-party for the first time in my life, which means the Democrats keep control of the White House.


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