Cycling in Tennessee

I got several rides in this week, still feeling like I’m cycling in molasses as my legs get back in shape after 16 months of zero riding.  During the work week I’ve been getting up before dawn and getting on the road as soon as I could see.  I’ve been keeping to 30-40 minute rides, so I can get back in time to cool down, and get ready for work.  I’ve also contemplated waiting until after work, but it’s been pushing 100 every day.  I’m just not ready for cycling in that much heat.

We had a massive rain storm come through on Tuesday evening, it cooled things off for a day, and here was the resulting morning.


The ride was great, but I had to make is short, I was meeting my boss for a trip south to Memphis.  But the afternoon is was back to the upper 90’s again.  I decided to double-down and ride again the next morning.  I ventured further out, leaving earlier in the morning – it was a little dark, but easy to see.  By the time I hit my turn around point, it was certainly bright out and the temps were in the upper 70’s!  The picture below is from that turn point.


I skipped Friday, I had to make a run into Jackson proper to pick up some treats for the guys at work, and my legs needed a rest.  I did order new cycling glasses to go with my new helmet and some extra shorts.  These items will motivate me to cycle as much as I can during the week and weekends.  I moved my cycling time to mid-morning this Saturday, and extended my ride further out.  I have found a route back into Humboldt and the road the local cycling club meets – I just need to find the church where they meet.  The turn around point had a grand view as well, I present it below:


I hope, in a few weeks to do a few afternoon rides to see how I fair in the heat.  I love cycling through the farm lands that lie just outside the city.  The one flaw in my rides thus far is crossing route 45 by-pass.  The light I use to cross it is a trip light, so I need traffic going my way to get the light, and then the light only last 25 seconds! (and I need to cross six lanes and a median)

Tomorrow, should the legs be willing, I’m planning to ride for at least an hour.  That would get me back to my old Maine rides, and I would be happy to get there with only two week’s riding to build upon.


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