Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

Welcome to early summer in Tennessee, it topped out at 95 yesterday (and yes that is Fahrenheit for those of you who are using an inferior scale).  The humidity wasn’t too bad, I never check the actual numbers, but it felt dry, so the nice breeze we had all day just made it like a convection oven.  Several neighbors were out mid-morning cutting their grass, puddles of sweat.  Luckily for me, my mower still needs gas and oil.  So I had planned a series of junkets yesterday.

First trip was to get the quilt and comforter to a dry cleaner.  Both could use it and on Friday I fogged the whole house for roaches.  There numbers are dwindling, but I really can see how these critters could survive a nuclear war!  Also, the closes cleaner was right next to a cycling shop I wanted to check out for a new helmet, and a short stretch back the opposite way (less than a mile – there’s the correct unit for distance again), a new hardware store I wanted to spend some newly acquired payroll monies on things I needed.

Dry cleaners, what’s to say, poor kid was bored to snores, so I stayed a while and chatted, explaining that I was newly moved here from up North.  Got so good insight to the weather and general information about Jackson.  Over to the Bike Shop.  Real friendly guys, and that’s saying something in State where folks are over the top friendly.  Found a discontinued Bodenger helmet that fit perfectly – and it’s the first non-black helmet I’ve ever owned, I figured with the heat down here a lighter colored helmet would be best.

After a trip to the hardware store, that only had half of what I needed, we made a quick stop for gas and then off to the big box store hardware place.  Found the parts I needed and a really cool little bistro-style table and chair set.  A little lunch on the fly and back to the house.  I assembled the table and chairs indoors – way too hot out to do this anywhere else – while catching up on some TV series I had taped (DVR-ing just doesn’t sound correct).

And that was it folks, between the heat and my body falling asleep on central time, but waking on eastern, I was exhausted.  Factor in my extra 15-20 pounds and the lack of any real exorcise in the last 18-months and I am tired most of the day.  I had had hope to change that this morning with a ride, and a short shake down ride may still be in my future, but I need to find routes to ride and time in the morning.

So now it’s time to eat and then maybe prep the bike for a short jaunt, and grass cutting mid-morning (early) before it gets too hot to be outside!


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