Day Two of Blog 101

So today’s assignment is to change the title and tagline of my blog.  I didn’t have a tagline for the blog so I had to come up with one.  It’s not very snarky, which is one of my best services I offer, but it works for me.

Now as for the blog title, I can’t bring myself to change it.  I like it.  It is the the motto from my family crest.  It represent me very well.  Candor et Labore is latin for candor and labor, meaning from labor comes candor.  If you work hard enough, if you stay loyal, good things will come.  I like to think my ancestors earned this motto on the Crusades – along with the shield emblem of a tree trunk.  This indicates strength and stubbornest – this is me to a tee.  Only in a modern setting.

So while I have toiled with fencing, I am not a master swordsman, and I don;t know how to ride nor joust; but I love a good verbal joust.  So I talk more of politics than other things in life.


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