The Back End of a Holiday Weekend

So here we are, the Sunday morning of a three day weekend.  Thus far the weekend has been punctuated with hard driving rains, God’s own light show, off and on again drizzle and some manmade fireworks.  If the weather app is to be believed, today should be sunny, hot and humid.  And while I still have work to do inside the house, I think I will be spending a little time outdoors, preparing the landscaping for revitalization.  There is much weeding and mulching to be done before the annuals can even be purchased.  And there is the whole issue of spraying the perimeter of the house for bugs.


The picture above is the same as the feature image, I reproduced it here for clarity.  I love brick paths in a garden.  I think it reminds me of the old brick sidewalks from growing up.  We have a deck here at the rental house, it needs some serious care – starting with a good washing and brooming, and ending with two trees being cut down.  Then the landscaping can be assessed.  The loss of the trees should not affect the shading of the patio, as it sits on the eastern side of the house and there is a rather large maple right in the middle of the yard that provides much of the shade.

The table and chair set in the image above have really caught my attention, as I saw a metal set just like this at one of the big box gardening stores, on 40% mark-down.  If they are still there next weekend, after I get paid, they may end-up in our back yard.  I even like the idea of faux finishing them to the green patina.  And the potted plants would be fantastic, as I saw several humming birds in the backyard yesterday!

For now it’s time to get out in the sunshine and start clearing some weeds.


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