Fascism Disguised as “Gay Rights”

I have long argued that those aligned to so-called “gay rights” were really pushing an alternative agenda.  Namely, Fascism.  Yes that same ugly imagine of Mussolini’s thugs, Hitler’s brown shirts or Roosevelt’s New Dealer’s – only this time it’s cloaked in rainbow colors (minus indigo, my guess is that queers aren’t very good at science).  They have finally gotten their holy grail – gay marriage – pushed through the courts to the point where, now every state in the union must recognize same sex marriage from other states.  The Supreme Court did this using the 14th Amendment as the basis of their opinion.  Remembering the 14th was pushed through after the “civil war” by Northern states. The amendment required states to recognize former Africa slaves as human beings, not property.  Southern states had to ratify this amendment before being allowed back in the union.  So it was just another strong-arm tactic of the victor to punish the vanquished.

Let’s look at one particular case.  Their is an Oregon baker, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, that is now closed, fined $135K and in the middle of a civil suit case because they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  So instead of finding a baker that would make them a cake, they sued.  Not the shop is closed and the owners are fighting for their financial life.  So they take their case to a Christian radio program, The Family Research Council, to ask for help and made a statement that the fight is not over and that they are standing strong.  The Lesbo’s lawyer petitioned the Oregon Court that this violated Oregon law which prohibits people from acting on behalf of a public accommodation.  This place – their former bakery.  This law, seriously flawed and, should be invalidated by SCoTUS.

So now the high court in Oregon has placed a “gag order” on the couple.  They are not allow speak about this case from a religious perspective!  So the Oregon courts are in principal shredding the two parts of our 1st amendments rights – freedom of religion and and freedom of speech.  I content that this is the very reason our founding father’s found it necessary to add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution.  To make it clear to future generations precisely what was meant by the wording they choose to draft into the US Constitution.

On a more personal note, this Fascisim has cost me dearly.  My oldest son is a left-wing nut from early in life.  I had hoped once he got out of high school and was exposed to the real world he would come to understand the value of Capitalism over Fascism.  It has not been the case, if anything his hatred of this country I love, especially the country I grew-up in, has only increased.  We have been as loggerheads over this particular Fascist movement for many years.  His recent actions, have caused me to have to sever all tied with him on social media.  Real life may just catch up to him if he does;t change his tune soon.

[ reference material for this blog entry can be found here: http://www.caintv.com/oregon-imposes-gag-order-on-ch ]


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