Rain in the New Place

As I have written about before, I like a rainy day from time to time.  Now living in Tennessee, I get to experience rain a whole new way.  In the four days I have been down here, I only hit one day of hard rain, it was intermittent on my drive back to Jackson from Morristown.  Along the highway, the rain would come quickly and very hard, then disappear just as fast.  I hit five or six of these rain “zones” before I past through Nashville, then it was back to overcast sky, but dry pavement the rest of the way.

The next day in rained overnight, but was clear and hot during the day – so unpacking the U-Haul was a sweaty mess.  With an extra evening spent in a hotel, due to the overwhelming chemical smell from the exterminator, and all of the things that where just not move-in ready at the house, I went back to the hotel.  Tonight I am moved in enough to sleep comfortably and have internet service, tomorrow I get TV and the washer and dryer are delivered.  I still need to clean the kitchen and start brining in more stuff from the garage, but I feel like I have a place to stay now.

So tonight there is a big thunder storm moving through the area.  The light and sound show is impressive.  It makes me miss the sun porch in New York, as I don’t want to turn the central air off and open windows, but the sound of the rain falling and rolling thunder is soothing.  I should be able to sleep through this little noise, I did grow up besides a railroad after all, and I have to get up early on my day off, as the dish guy and the deliver guys will be here between 8 and noon.  Then more cleaning and food shopping; and if the weather permits, so light yard work, should round out my Friday.


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