Day Three

Day three, finally at the home office.  Today was spent filling out the necessary government paperwork, meeting folks around the office, sitting in on a sales meeting call and spending lots of time chatting with my boss.  He really took to heart my despondency at the lack of on-boarding at my last job.  He wanted to get me out of there in the early afternoon, so I could unload and move into my rented house.

In the late morning I got text message from the landlord.  The house needed one more room re-carpeted and they needed to have an exterminator come an spray for roaches.  My boss offered and told me that if the new carpet, paint fumes and/or the fumes from the exterminator were too much to not even think about going back to a hotel on the company.  So I am back in a hotel tonight for several reasons.  The excessive dead roaches, the extra chemicals that need to be wiped up, getting out of work around 4, so it was getting late when I finished unloading, and the numerous calls back in forth about what the last tenant left behind.  Also the landlord did not leave a washing machine and dryer, as advertised.  They tried the “it’s not in the lease”, but when they looked at their ad, they changed their tune.

So by Friday afternoon, I will have internet, all new carpet, a new washer and dryer and TV!  Hopefully I will be able to get some shopping done, so I can stop eating out and cook in the kitchen.  I also need to set up my little table and bed, both which will be goals for Thursday night.


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