Day Two

So today started out a little better than yesterday, as my start time was supposed to be 8 am, two hours earlier.  I then received a call from my new boss that he was still feeling a little under the weather, so our start time was pushed back to 8:30.  I was ready to go, truck packed and breakfast finished fifteen minutes early.  When he walked off the elevator I could tell he wasn’t feeling too good; he suggested I just go over to the plant myself and work on inventory, raw materials and trial documentation.  He was going back to bed to work off and try to get ahead of his illness before the five hour drive back to Jackson.

He also told me not to worry about putting in a full day and to get on the road before lunch.  So here I am, I’ve completed all “assigned” tasks, but, my counterpart here wants to review something else with me.  He has a plant manager meeting that he likes to attend, so I’ve got 30-45 minutes to kill.  This is a good sign, as this is the guy I need to get on my side, he will help guide me through my processing and can be a real champion for me.

I feel we hit it off real well yesterday, talking about common sports interests and working out over lunch – and really spending quality time reviewing the equipment here.  I still have to get a handle on capacity, but that should come with time.  So far, I’ve yet to put in a full day, and it looks like I won’t this entire week.  Huzzah!


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