Back to Work

So today is my first day back into the working world in about four months.  It feels a little strange, like the first day of school; full of excitement and wonder, and a little bit of anxiety.  I feel like I’ve landed a wonderful opportunity and the pay is great, location could be better, but then I felt that way about Maine.  I just hope I can live up to the companies expectations.  I said it when I left my job of 23 years, that I have this feeling that I only know how to operate within that system, and that once I left I would bounce from job to job.  Now I’ve only had one job since I left, this being the second, but the way I was treated there has made me question my actual skills and knowledge.

Therefore, today is as much about me transitioning back into work-a-day life, as it is absorbing as much info as possible.  I think I was as straight forward as I could be about the terrible on-baording process at the last place.  I have since talked with others who are still there and now have to deal with my ex-boss and they have confirmed that it was she who was the problem – she is a bad manager all around.  Yet I still have the fear that I am what she said I am – unorganized, a bad user of my “discretionary” time (I hate that term – it’s too ambiguous), and a poor learner of the process.  I’m sorry if my filing system isn’t “just like yours”, but it worked for me, I only missed the dead line for one project and that was because she never explained what I needed to do!

Anyway, I need to leave now and report to the plant.  I will come back to this post and finish my thoughts tonight!

Well my first day was cut short.  The boss was feeling ill so we decided to cut things short so he could rest up.  I’m supposed to be reviewing some new process information, but I really don’t feel like it, so I’m catching up on things I need to do to get ready to move into my rented home in two days.  I’m sure later tonight I start the off line studying part of the job.

The history lesson I received today was full of great background information.  The plant tour was even more informative.  It still seems a little ruebic-cube like, but the interesting thing is they hardly waste anything!  The scary part is they think $1/lb fiber is expensive!!


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