The 2% or less

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the Untied States of America, the last island of hope for normalcy in this world, ruled that every State in the Union MUST recognize queer marriage!  The Court has misapplied our 14th Amendment, again.  I am completely disgusted with my country right now.  Over the corse of two days, the highest court in the land has written two laws (something it is forbidden to do – but since they are shredding the Constitution, why should they bother reading it??).  ObamaCare was pushed through Congress without a full reading of what was in the law, and now we a leaving up to the courts to figure out what the Law means!  Part of the Law that was easy to understand was that it was up to each state if they wanted to get into the Federal program, or lose funding.  Now SCOUS has ruled that since the law uses the word State with a capital “S” it is implied that it mean the Federal Government, thus all States must participate??

Now come a case of queer “marriage”.  In this case SCOUS used the 14th to say that this “right” has to be applied to all States equally.  However, they have never established that allowing queers to marry is a right!  Now we have lots of things that have been set in motion.  Things like rewriting the entire tax code!  Forcing people to go against their beliefs and faith.  All of this because a very small minority wants to force their perversions on the general population.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it until I die.  Show me the genes that make a person gay, and I will 100% reverse my position on everything gay.  I’ll put good money that they will never find that gene that justifies a bulling lifestyle.


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