Last Days Of New York

Today I finish loading up the U-Haul trailer and head south.  For me it is my last day in the State of New York, the only time I can see myself setting foot in the terrible place is when I have to come back to sign the paperwork for the sale of the house.  The real sad part is that most of the household good, the wife and the dog will be staying behind for atlas a month or two.  So if the sale drags on and she decides to stay on at her work until it sells, I will be back once every three weeks or so; however it is my desire to be done with this place.

I had some fun while here for the better part of two years, but any good memories are clouded by extremely bad work memories, and an intrusive government, and rude people.  Too many silly rules and regulations and way too high taxes.  I did not see myself living here in my golden years, but I had hoped to make it for ten years, then see if early retirement could work.

Now I travel to the deep south, hoping to make this job last at least 10, maybe 15 years, then a true retirement, but maybe a little further north, back to the hills in Pennsylvania.  Back to my home land.

Much packing and cleaning to do in the next two and a half hours, so this will be a short post.


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