Preparation s for the Great Move South

So in two days I start my great trek southward.  I will be living below the Mason-Dixon line for the first time in my life, and I do so with mixed emotions.  I will be as far away from any family support as I have ever been, but I will be back in the simpler life I miss so much from Maine.  I gain back aton of personal freedoms – no personal income tax, no car inspection, limited gun control laws, right to carry and so far, people at work who like to talk about hunting and shooting.

I even set-up power, gas, water, internet and DirecTv today all to be installed or turned on before the long holiday weekend.  And all of that over the phone.  I should realize a savings on internet and TV, and I do believe the electric rates in the Tennessee Valley are among the lowest in the nation (that’s good,a s we will be running the A/C.

Now what I will miss is the large malls around here, which make going out for groceries or other good a quick affair.  But, upon reflection, I really do miss the days for planning a mid-day Saturday run to hit all the needed stores without coming back home and out again.  In the long run, it makes for a long day, but helps with gas and allows for some bonding time away from the couch with the wife.

Culturally, I think I’m in for a bit of a shock.  They eat a lot of surgery foods.  The pace of life is much slower, and there are times I just can’t understand what they are saying with that thick accent.  I will miss my Philly foods, much like I did here and in Maine, but more so, as its a two day car ride home or jump on an airplane expense.  Then add in the process of finding a network of friends to hang out with.  It took me a while when I moved to Maine, and that was at the old wife’s urging; I really could be a hermit.

Aside from a really great house that we found, and one new friend we made, I don’t think there will be much I will miss about New York.  Honesty, I will be much more willing to go to Memphis and/or Nashville than I ever would New York City.  Even thought I do not care for Country, Blue Grass, Jazz or Blues music.  I just think those cities are going to be so much nicer than NYC, simply because their won’t be any New Yorkers there!


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