More Rain, But a Fun Father’s Day Weekend

So today is Father’s Day, and it’s raining here in New York, again!  It’s supposed to clear up by this afternoon, however the best part was that my youngest son and his two roommates drove over from Maine Friday evening.  We spend Saturday late morning (twenty-somethings, still sleep the mornings away like teenagers, lol) teaching Pinochle, driving the Miata and eating pizza.  This was because my boy and his best friend love to roller skate and we have the world’s largest roller-rink right down the road.  Their other roommate is a young women, and she hasn’t skated much, like myself.  The wife did well, and I did better as the night wore on – starting to be abel to apply the lessons I learned from the ice skating lessons.

Today, Sunday, we spent BBQing and frisbee playing in the afternoon sun, the rain finally stopped and the grass dried out.  We off loaded an old window air conditioner, which the boy and his roommates will put to better use than we have since moving to New York!  Interestingly, USPS delivered my gift today, on a Sunday.  The boy finally got me the folding knife I admired two years ago.  He had purchased for himself and when he used it to cut tags from Christmas gifts I remarked that that would make a nice birthday gift for his dear old dad.  Well the wait is finally over, and it really made Father’s Day special.

Finally found a house to rent in Tennessee, and we can move-in on the first of July!  It may not be our “forever” south-house, but we agreed to a 24-month lease and that bagged the house for us.  This makes sense in that it will take at least two years to build up another down payment for a house.  Additionally, if we like this house, they may be willing to look at a lease to own option.  I am counting down the days until I get the trailer and start to load just my stuff and a few things to keep me comfortable in the house until the rest of the house is moved by the professionals.

I have mixed emotions about the move, as much as I am ready to leave this repressive state, but I love my house and am now very familiar the shopping and neighborhood, and will have to relearn all of that – but then I suppose that is half of the fun of moving to a new place.


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