History is Being Revised

Every since the tragic shootings in that Charlestown, South Carolina church, many have been calling for more gun control (to be expected) and removal of the “confederate” flag from the state capital grounds.  I have many issues with all of this, first being the the flag in question is the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, and it should be a square not a rectangle.  The flag presented above was a battle flag of the Army of Tennessee.  Below is the actual Flag of the Confederate States of America. Flag_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America_(Third,_variant).svg I also understand to the victor go the spoils of war, but calling this war a Civil War is just a travesty.  Lincoln ran not on abolishing slavery, but on no more expansion of slavery.  Basically, the lower southern States used the powers granted within the Constitution to leave the United States, and then Lincoln declared war and burned the south.  I will never respect Lincoln, nor call him a great President.  It’s a shame that he is the first Republican President.  Makes me wonder if I would be a Whig if that party still existed. Then with the blood still running in the streets, a whole host of liberals are now calling for more and stricter gun control laws.

No new law would have prevented this tragedy.  This guy was mentally challenged, he really felt disenfranchised by this administration and it’s decisive policies.  Let’s start with the lie that we have our first “black” President.  At best Obama is half black, but more realistic is that he is blended Arabian/white.  Throw in Al Sharpton and his ilk and you get the riots of St. Louis and Baltimore.  Then let’s contently forget or under-report that this past holiday weekend there were 60 shootings and 14 deaths in Chicago, a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the US!

Removing an historical flag and taking away God given rights will not solve the problem of racism and hate, both need to be taught.  The country needs to celebrate how the people of Charlestown reacted to this event.  That is the teachable take away.


2 thoughts on “History is Being Revised

  1. I think you might be missing the interpersonal aspect of why they are taking the flag down. Rev. Pinckney was a long-time member of the state legislature, and was well-liked by members of both parties. His colleagues came to see an irony some were not sensitive to before the murders, the fact that he passed under that divisive symbol each work day. They know these innocent people were killed because of their skin color, and they want to honor their friend with some kind of gesture. This action was able to be accomplished, and it’s standing in the place of things like changes in gun law or studies about the causes of violence that may never be achieved, given our political gridlock.

    I agree with you that the response by the citizens of SC is both remarkable and inspiring.


    1. Invisible Mickey, I thank you, sir, you have missed the point entirely. The Left in this country has been rewriting history since I was born. I thank God everyday that my father kept books from his youth so that I could read that history before it was “corrected” by the PC police. The Battle Flag of Virginia was not a symbol of hate, never has been, never will be. The fact that groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazi want to co-opt the flag to their cause does not change the facts.

      I am not a southerner, I grew-up in the Mid-Atlantics, and have lived in New England and New York (a completely different state of affairs and should not be included in the term New England), but I always have felt that I lived on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line. If you want to see real irony, look to Lincoln’s reconstruction of the South.


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