Happy Birthday to My Doodle-Bug

Today is my youngest turns 22 today.  I remember the day well.  I was at a really good place in y life.  Two years into a new job, and I had moved into a senior engineering position, we had just closed on our first house a week before and now my second son was coming.  He was a breech baby, so he had to be born Caesarean style, which was a unique experience for me.

When my first child was born, he was given directly to mom.  With this little guy, I was given the opportunity to take him into the newborn nursery.  Since he was my second, the nurses did not have to teach me how to swaddle or put on a diaper; thus I got lots of time to sit (they have many rocking chairs!) and hold him for the first 30 minutes of his time outside the womb.  I truly believe this has made for a stronger bond between us.  When injured, scared or in distress, he has always come to me before his mother.  Later in life, after my divorce from the boy’s mother.  He was the one who continued to come see me on alternate weekend after the law did not require him to do so.  He did this until his work load at college became to great, and I told him he needed to focus on studies and socializing with classmates.

Now he has graduated from college, has a job, and is living in a new city, away from mom and dad (defined as more than 100 miles from either of us), and I couldn’t be prouder than I am today.

Happy Birthday Doodle-Bug!


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