God Help Us All!

Major News Organizations are hinting that Donald Trump will be announcing he will be running for President on the Republican ticket.  If they are hinting, it’s true, as they have all be given advance notice so the can have their reporting/news stories ready as soon as the speech is over.  No waiting in the this twenty-first century 24-hour news cycle!!

Here are a couple of them:




What Trump promises is that he will bloviate endlessly about how he is richer than Romney (but Romney gave all his money away and rebuilt his wealth from scratch, twice), eating our own as he tears down the other Republicans candidates (because that won’t help Hillary), and see himself more of a “cheerleader” than a politician (I know everyone is saying we need a leader, but does anyone really see cheerleaders other than entertainment related to the sidelines).  I think the picture of that aging, gaudy, rundown, casino in New Jersey is a better location for Trump’s announcement than Trump Towers (really, naming buildings after yourself, did’t we stop that nonsense with the big industrialist of the late 1800’s??).

UPDATE: I had to curtail this blog post until well after Trump’s announcement .  Yes he did throw his hat into the ring and yes he spouted a ton of hot air without any substance.

The excerpts I hear included things like I will building the biggest wall between the US and Mexico and it will be done right and I will make the Mexicans pay for it!  I will find the new Patton and they will go take care of ISIS!  I will fix the economy, because I’m a businessman and look what I’ve done with the Trump brand!  To whit, I ask, who’s going to pay for all of this? How? Details please?  I truly feel he is on such an ego trip that he will start his own third party if the Republicans don’t elect him as their repressive on their ticket this election cycle.  To me, that will just guarantee another Clinton in the White House, just like Ross Perot and Bill-Bob back in the 90’s.

The only two things I am certain about in this, or any election cycle, is that I will never vote for a Trump nor a Clinton – never have and never will.  Next on my “not to vote for list” is Jeb Bush, not because he is another Bush as the CNN talking heads have so brilliantly observed, but because of his policy on immigration.  I have nothing against immigration, as long as it’s legal and the immigrant knows that they must assimilate.  That was how this country was set up, it is how it grew to such a powerful nation in the past, assimilation of new peoples into the American culture and way of life.

My current favorites are Marco Rubio and Scot Walker.  Both young, articulate and full of fresh ideas (unlike Trump or Clinton), also, like Jeb Bush, neither has taken to calling the other Republican candidates “Stupid!” (you have to use an exclamation point with everything he says as he is always screaming about how great he is).  I really hope, conservative American give Donald Trump a swift kick in the pants in the very first primary.  I would love to see his sniveling tear-filled face as he accept defeat!


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